TechTaipei 2020 工業自動化技術趨勢研討會

Wolfspeed 在碳化矽功率半導體領域擁有超過 35 年的研發歷史、強有力的技術基礎、豐富的製造經驗和高端的人才。Wolfspeed 於 2011 年商業化首款通過全面認證的碳化矽 MOSFET,樹立了高效能功率開關的新標杆。Wolfspeed 產品現場使用時長超過 7 萬億小時,擁有極低的 FIT 故障率。通過採用 Wolfspeed 碳化矽產品,可以設計開發出極具成本效益的高性能方案。 Wolfspeed 在碳化矽技術領域的市場份額名列前茅,針對未來進行大規模投資。2022年 4 月,Wolfspeed 位於美國紐約州莫霍克谷(Mohawk Valley)的採用領先前沿技術的 200mm 碳化矽製造工廠正式開業,提升備受期待的碳化矽元件生產,將極有助推進諸多產業從矽基產品向碳化矽基半導體的轉型。2022 年 9 月,Wolfspeed 宣佈將投入數十億美元在美國北卡羅來納州查塔姆郡(Chatham County)建造全新的、採用領先前沿技術的碳化矽材料製造工廠。這一投資計畫將提升 Wolfspeed 現有碳化矽材料產能 10 倍以上,支持公司長期增長戰略,加快碳化矽半導體在一系列終端市場的採用,開啟能源效率新時代。

Wolfspeed 於2023 年 2 月 1 日宣佈計畫在德國薩爾州建造全球最大、最先進的碳化矽元件製造廠。將成為全球最大的200mm 半導體工廠,採用創新性製造工藝來生產下一代碳化矽元件。Wolfspeed擴展至歐洲的碳化矽元件製造佈局,將支援不斷加速中的客戶需求,同時也將支持公司在 2027 財年達成 40 億美元的長期營收展望。

有鑒於此, Wolfspeed將於3月16日舉辦今年第一場台灣實體研討會,並在現場與大家分享Wolfspeed SiC的優勢和技術挑戰,如何使用碳化矽使未來功率應用更有效益,更提供非車載充電的碳化矽解決方案,以及在可再生能源和非車載充電器的儲能系統上的重要作用。 碳化矽在未來的應用領域前景持續令人引頸期盼。活動內容精彩可期,敬邀您參與!

Wolfspeed has more than 35 years of research and development history, strong technical foundation, rich manufacturing experience and high-end talents in the field of silicon carbide power semiconductors. Wolfspeed commercialized the first fully qualified SiC MOSFET in 2011, setting a new benchmark for high-efficiency power switches. Wolfspeed products have more than 7 trillion hours in the field and have an extremely low FIT failure rate. Cost-effective, high-performance solutions can be designed and developed using Wolfspeed SiC products.

Wolfspeed has a leading market share in silicon carbide technology and is investing heavily in the future. In April 2022, Wolfspeed's 200mm Silicon Carbide manufacturing plant with cutting-edge technology in Mohawk Valley, New York, officially opened, enhancing the production of highly anticipated silicon carbide components, which will greatly help promote many industries from silicon-based Product transition to silicon carbide-based semiconductors. In September 2022, Wolfspeed announced will invest billions of dollars to build a new, cutting-edge silicon carbide material manufacturing plant in (Chatham County, North Carolina, USA). This investment plan will increase Wolfspeed's existing silicon carbide material production capacity by more than 10 times, support the company's long-term growth strategy, accelerate the adoption of silicon carbide semiconductors in a range of end markets, and usher in a new era of energy efficiency.

In view of this, Wolfspeed will hold the first physical seminar in Taiwan this year on March 16 to share with you the advantages and technical challenges of Wolfspeed SiC on the spot, how to use SiC to make future power applications more efficient, and provide extraordinary SiC solutions for on-board charging, and an important role in energy storage systems for renewable energy and off-board chargers.

On February 1, 2023, Wolfspeed announced plans to build the world's largest and most advanced Silicon Carbide component manufacturing plant in Saarland, Germany. It will be the world's largest 200mm semiconductor factory, using innovative manufacturing processes to produce next-generation silicon carbide components. Wolfspeed expanded Silicon Carbide device manufacturing footprint in Europe will support accelerating customer demand and support the company’s long-term revenue outlook of $4 billion in Fiscal 2027.

The prospect of Silicon Carbide in the future application field continues to attract people's expectations. The content of the seminar is exciting and expected, and you are cordially invited to participate!

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