Creating the future and Changing the world

One half a century, EE Times, firstly issued in 1972, has been committed to reporting on the latest update on cutting-edge electronics technology. EE Times is seeing the growth and prosperity of global high-tech industry. It has also witnessed the engineering community’s infinite creativity and R&D capability that enabled the advent and widespread application of PCs, smartphones, and IoT and AI devices. The ever-evolving technology has enabled everyone to enjoy security and convenience in their daily lives. It has become a crucial driving force to sustain the world economy and society as it drives the operational efficiency and productivity across various sectors. When an epidemic ravages the world, we feel all the more keenly that electronics technologies are the very key for the world to endure its challenges. More importantly, they are the indispensable help for all to shake off the gloom and go back to our normal lives. No matter how the world changes, all those working in the electronics industry remained dedicated to their jobs, driving the technological achievements to benefit everyone worldwide.

Technological innovations and R&D achievements deserve celebration and promotion. The passion and mission of electronics engineers should continue, and the industry should encourage the younger generations to join their ranks, leverage technologies and innovations to help solve the problems of the world. This is why we have chosen Taiwan—the hub of the global industry chain—to launch EE Awards Asia, which is our way of recognizing the extraordinary achievements in the electronics industry. Being a long-term observer and partner of the electronics industry, we aspire to play our part in the development of the community.

EE Awards Asia integrated with virtual hybrid and physical events to arrange live EE Award Ceremony and online EE Tech Summits which aims to achieve the "Creating the future with the electronics industry and changing the world with engineers". Ensure your company take this opportunity and advantages with EE Times to support Taiwan and Asia EE people's innovation and efforts! Join us with senior industry leaders and experts to share their insights into the market and future technology trends. 

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