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Voting Rules:
1. From now until August 10th, go toeetasia.comto vote the proposal for EE Challenge.
2. During the voting period, please go to the "Social Group" or "Campus Group" to like and support the proposal you like. Each person can "like" once in each group each day.
3. The Popularity Award will be selected based on the sum of "40% of the online votes" and "60% of the judging votes", and the winner will be announced at the EE Awards Asia Awards Ceremony on December 6, 2023.
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EE Challenge, scheduled to be held in conjunction with the EE Awards Asia in December. This competition is to stimulate innovation in the design of multiple smart applications. Any innovative product development or academic research with design technologies and processes of AIoT elements, smart technology solutions or products that are not limited to application fields, exert their personal creativity and corporate influence, and work together to promote fulfillment of smart life.

At the same time, your sustainable performance will be recognized globally. Join us now to demonstrate and implement strong sustainable development actions and move towards international sustainable development.

EE Challenge: AIoT ─ Smart Life Creative Future!
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* Rewards include Bonuses, Global Exposure, Interviews, Stage Presentations.

* Rewards include Bonuses, Global Exposure, Interviews, Stage Presentations.

The contest is divided into two rounds: first round online voting and final onsite pitch. Users of the Asia-Pacific website and readers of "EE Times" and "EDN" are invited to vote at the first round. For onsite pitch, the industry professionals are invited to join AspenCore global editorial team to conduct professional review onsite and awarding. For more details, please view the Rules of EE Challenge.
    • Applications that meet the eligibility criteria will be reviewed by the jury according to the four criteria below. The list of selected applications will be announced on the event website.
      ◎Creativity 20% ◎Marketability 20% ◎Greenness 20% ◎Functionality 20% ◎Pitching Skills 20% (Scoring at final selection).
    • Online application only, please upload the following information (both Chinese and English) to the event website before the application deadline:
      1. Application form
      2. Project submission
      3. Project video (3 minutes in length, optional item for extra points)
    • After the initial submission review, the shortlisted projects will be announced on the event website for online voting.
    • Upon online voting, the finalist teams need to present their project and give an English pitching on-site award stage.
    • The finalist teams are required to give a 6-minute presentation in English on site at the final pitch, and the jury will conduct 4-minute questions and comments.
    • Judging panel will evaluate the projects according to the judging criteria followed by the two-track contest rule of "social group" and "campus group". And summarize the contest entries with top 3 winners in each group, 1 greenness award and 1 popularity award, a total of 10 awards.
    • All the finalist teams need to submit the following information for onsite pitch:
      1. Presentation file (Chinese and English)
      2. Copyright authorization agreement